Santa Barbara, CA

I had a Saturday afternoon to myself while out in Santa Barbara for a wedding, so I decided to hop around to a few local breweries:

  • Third Window Brewing
  • Telegraph Brewing Company
  • Pure Order Brewing

Third Window was a great spot. It’s refreshing to walk into a brewery these days and not see an IPA on the menu. I ended up sampling a number of their Belgian-style ales. One of Third Window’s guiding principles is iteration, and it shows in their beer titles: Blond 4.1 and The Light 3.3. The numbers corresponding to the current batch. I really like and appreciate this journey of continuous improvement. While none of their beers truly stuck out to me, I’d definitely order them again if I saw them on a menu because each batch of beer they’re making is better than the last.    

  Third Window Brewing

Third Window Brewing

Next stop was Telegraph Brewing Company. This was my favorite taproom of the afternoon. Incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff, along with great music, games, and energy around this place. As for the beer, Telephraph was taking some risks with their beers. I’m not always the biggest fan of throwing a ton of crap into beer, but sometimes the creativity and setting match up perfectly to create a unique experience. This is how I felt about their Santa Margarita Lime Gose. The beer tasted like a margarita and had the perfect amount of tartness. I really enjoyed the Añejo version which sat on tequila-infused oak chips. The salt, lime, and tequila were well-balanced and perfectly complemented one another. 

Lastly, I ended up at Pure Order Brewing. I felt like I was walking into a surf shop here. This was a smaller shop with about 7 beers on tap, and an awesome outdoor space. Nothing about the beer stuck out to me, except for further making me realize that I’m not a big fan of California Common beers. Although I’m hopeful that I’ll one day find one that sticks with me.

Overall, Santa Barbara was a fun little town. I was able to try a lot of beers from all over town and hit up these three spots. There was about 10 breweries total within the city and another 4-5 on the horizon to open in the next year or two. I’d definitely love to come back and see how these three breweries progressed as well as pay a visit to the many more breweries that I left untouched.

What I'm drinking: Añejo Santa Margarita Lime Gose | Telegraph Brewing Company (Santa Barbara, CA) | Gose | 5.2% AB