The Perfect Pour

Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic drink in the world, and the third-most overall, after water and tea. However, despite its popularity, many people have been drinking beer wrong their entire life. 

Pouring a beer is a skill, and definitely contributes to the overall tasting experience, so we want to make sure that we are doing it properly. Many people pour a beer to minimize the amount of foam on top of the beer. This actually doesn’t allow any of the CO2 in the beer to release. By doing this, that CO2 releases when it’s in your stomach, which leads you to feel bloated and can actually lead to more serious stomach complications. So, when pouring a beer, we want to help release that CO2. I always recommend enjoying a beer out of a glass, this will help release that carbonation. The goal is about 1 inch of foam (called the head) at the top of the beer.

Below are the steps you’ll want to take to pour the perfect pint. It’s important to note that this applies to most beers and glassware types that you would find at an average bar.

  1. First, we will want to use a clean glass. A dirty glass can impact the flavor of the beer as well as impede head creation. 
  2. Next, open your beer bottle or can. Grab a glass and hold it at a 45° angle. Pour the beer about an inch above the glass, aiming for the middle of the slope of the glass. 
  3. When the glass is about 2/3 full, bring the glass upright, and continue to pour in the middle of the glass. This will create the perfect foam head. Remember, foam is good, and we are aiming for about 1inch of foam at the top of the beer.
  4. Stop pouring as the head of the beer reaches the top of the glass. You might have some beer left in the bottle or can, but that’s okay. Wait for the head to die down a little and then pour the remaining beer right down the middle of the glass.
  5. Enjoy!

Congratulations, you’ve properly poured a pint of beer. Now comes the best part - drinking it! Since you’ve properly poured the beer, you might notice the beer is much more aromatic. Take in the smell of the hops and malt, observe the beautiful color of the beer, and take a sip. Cheers!

What I'm drinking: Finback IPA | Finback Brewery (Queens, NY) | IPA | 7.2% ABV