noun | ge·müt·lich·keit | \ gə-ˈmᵫt-liḵ-ˌkīt

Gemütlichkeit is a German word with no direct translation to English. It is used to convey the idea of friendliness and coziness. It represents a feeling of warmth, familiarity, and ease of mind. It's a sense of community. To me, that word captures the world of beer. Beer brings people together - family, friends, and strangers. 

Now by no means am I a beer expert. In fact, I don't even begin to scratch the surface. However, I love learning about beer: the history, the process, and the community. I seek out local breweries and beer bars when I travel to taste the local beer and learn the story of beer in each city I visit. These experience foster a spirit of gemütlichkeit with me.

In these musings, I hope to share these experiences with you. I'll be talking about the beers I'm drinking and the places I am drinking them. Beer has always (since I've been 21) been a passion of mine, and I hope to share that with you. Enjoy.


What I'm drinking: Dead Sea-rious! | Carakale Brewing Co. (Amman, Jordan) & Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. (Gilbert, AZ) | Gose | 5.0% ABV